Our society was set up by a group of technicians with long-standing and specific experience in the following sectors:

  • Treatment and purification of waste and process water.
  • Galvanotechnique.
  • Treatment of surfaces.

(our technicians have been working in these sectors since 1985).
Our society plans, carries out, constructs, manages and assures the maintenance of complete plants and/or parts of these aimed at solving a wide range of problems concerning the treatment of water in the widest sense of the word.


Our society is an engineering company and when requested by a client can provide:

  • Feasability studies and determine investment costs
  • Development of the executive and or constructive project by identifying processes and machinery so as to be technically and economically most convenient
  • Planning and control of time and resources needed in order to carry out projects while respecting preestablished times


Our society is a design company and upon request being made by a client can:

  • Supply job speciflc machines and construction materials through planned buying
  • Build and set up plant components under the direction of qualified technicians in various areas: chemistry, mechanics, electricity, electromechanics, electronics, civil, etc.
  • The setting up of plants and their optimal startup while respecting prevailing regulations and obtaining maximum energy saving per product with technical assistance and for plant running.


Our society, has know-how which embraces practically all areas of water treatment:



Our society, in pursuing its industrial objective of producing and trading in technology addresses itself to the following industrial sectors:
Galvonotechnique (chromium-plating, zinc-plating, etc....) - Treatment of surfaces - Painted - Precious metals (silver, gold, etc....) – Chemistry - Metalmechanic manufactoring – Foodstuffs - Glazing - Ceramics - Stonemasonry (marble, granite, etc....) - Regarding the above please note that for the supply of our services we particularly underline that we have our own plants manufactured by ourselves, as well as those available on the market or already installed: Demineralisation plants - Chemo-physical plants - Osmosis plants – Filtropress - Evaporators/concentrators - Ozone plants - Automation – supervision - Electricity panels - Instruments.


We are available for various types of commercial operation:

  • research and representation: there is a commission available for sales concluded (or compensation for intermediary services).
  • sale and/or resale: should you be interested in buying and reselling our machinery and/or plants, there is a discount available on purchases to be determined from time to time according to the type of supply made.

Naturally in both cases we will supply both technical and commercial support both for the design of the plants on for presentation of the offers.
The plants we make can be supplied already assembled, “turn-key”, including the installation, transport, etc. . . according to your needs and/or those of the end client.