Depuration plants chemical-phisical


DEPURTECNO supplies plants for depuration of discharged water, technical service, maintenance and services in the sector of depuration of industrial water discharge.
Our main fields of action are : galvanic, silver and precious metals industry, vibratory finishing, painting, anodic oxidation, phosphatatization, graphic arts (typography), food industry, glass processing industry, marble industry and so on.

The solutions and the plants that we supply are the result of our specialized experience in the above fields.
The plants are manufactured either according to our standard design, or according to the specific needs of the customer. They can be manufactured with modular elements of pre-assembled and pre-tested in our factory. The control of our plants is carried out by electro-mechanic control systems or by electronic control system with programmable logic controllers (PLC).

DEPURTECNO uses its internal resources to develop all the phases of plants realization. The technological schemes of depuration are selected each time according to the different specifications and customer’s needs. Our company takes care of design, manufacturing, installation and start up of our plants. Our personnel is composed by highly specialized technicians and by technologists with a long experience in depuration.

Our plants are designed and manufactured according the latest technologies, according to the current safety regulations. Our Technical Office uses the most rigorous standards in the selection of the components and the devices for our plants, in order to optimize the operation and increase the reliability and durability of our plants.