Floaters De-Sludgers


The floating plants find their application in the depuration and recovery of the discharge waters, mainly in the sectors of food industry, industrial painting textile and dyeing industry.

Floating is that operation through which solid substances, suspended or in emulsion, are separated from the liquid, either using their low specific weight either causing their floating through the injection of gas flow. In both cases we obtain the advantages of Archimede’s principle for the bodies immersed in a fluid.

This process can be applied to the depuration of discharged water which contains suspended solids, oils, greases, fibers and other substances with a specific weight lower or near to the one of water; substances that it is difficult or impossible to sediment.
The light weight sludge that is forming on the water surface is separated and removed by special conveyors.

he floater is of hydrodynamic type and is divided in more sections : in the first section, due to particular conditions of quiet, the discharged fluid can separate itself from the coarser floating substances through a simple stratification; in the second section the discharged fluid is deeply mixed with air saturated water, so that the flocks and the particles are enclosed in a flow of micro-bubbles of air that eases the separation by floating; in the third section the discharged fluid passes through a reticular sandwich of plastic material that, because of the slowing down of the flow and for the effect of “coalescence” allow also the smallest and lighter floating substances to separate from the discharged fluid; in the forth and last section we have again a “quiet” section with exit by siphon for an increased accuracy. The sludge is collected in a special tank or sent directly to the sludge drying system (filtering bags or press-filter). The plant can be completed with neutralization sections, coagulation sections, denaturing sections, flocculation sections according to the needs of the customer.

The plants are supplied either according to our standard design or according to customer specific needs.

The models up to 25 m3/hour, can be made with modular elements or with pre-assembled and pre-tested elements. The plant automation can be made either with electro-mechanic control cabinets or with programmable logic controllers (PLC).

For our customer we have a test plant that can be installed in their factory to test the results with their discharge fluids.

Our plants are designed and produced according to the current safety norms and the latest technologies. Our Technical Office uses the most rigorous standards in the selection of the components and the devices for our plants, in order to optimize the operation and increase the reliability and durability of our plants.