DEPURTECNO supplies plants, devices and services in the sector of biological depuration of discharged water for industrial and civil applications.

The plants with small and medium dimensions are manufactured in previously assembled versions made of metallic or fiber-glass structure; the plants of bigger dimensions are made according to customer’s needs and are manufactured with modular elements and installed in place with armored concrete. The water depuration plants are designed and manufactured according the latest technologies, according to the current safety regulations and with the highest reliability. Our Technical Office uses the most rigorous standards in the selection of the components and the devices for our plants, in order to optimize the operation and increase the reliability and durability of our plants.

DEPURTECNO uses its internal resources to develop all the phases of plants realization. The technological schemes of water processing are selected each time according to the different specifications and customer’s needs. Our company takes care of design, manufacturing, installation and start up of our plants. Our personnel is composed by highly specialized technicians and by technologists with a long experience in water depuration.

The operational diagram of the extended aeration plants is a simplified version of the activated sludge plant, in fact not only we have eliminated the primary sedimentation phase, but in the aeration phase here are so long detention times that the sludge (which is continuously re-circulated) is subject to long aeration times which give a “stabilization” or “aerobic digestion” or “liberalization” similar to that which is obtained with the separate aerobic digestion of the more complex plants. In the plants with extended aeration, the stabilization of the smudge is made contemporarily to the aeration phase, in the aeration tank itself , with a more reduced concentration than in the aerobic digestion tank of the “classic” aerobic digestion plants : because of this it is to notice that, with the same degree of final stabilization of the smidge, the volumes of the aeration tank which are requested for the plants with extended aeration are bigger than the sum of the volumes for the aeration tank and the aerobic digestion tank of the "classic" plants.

Nevertheless it is also to notice that the higher cost of realization of the plant is balanced by a great simplification of operation.

A primary characteristic of these plants is that they have to be environmentally and esthetically acceptable and that every secondary inconvenience (noise, bad odors, insects) have to be avoided through a wise design and realization of the plant. We have always addressed our choices towards a trouble free and efficient depuration by using the best quality components and without unjustified cost cutting. Such reductions in the quality of the plant would result in a difficult operation and in a low performance of the plant.